Things to Consider When Preventing Hearing Loss

It’s not easy to prevent hearing loss all the time. Actually, it sometimes is considered as a  part of getting older. But, don’t worry! You can completely avoid this problem. This writing is made to give you a look at some simple things to consider when you choose a device for preventing hearing loss. They help to prevent you from permanently damaging your hearing.

hearing loss prevention

5 Things to consider when preventing hearing loss

Standards and Requirements When Choosing HPD’s

  • USA Hearing Protection Standard: The American National Standards Institute is the standard most recognized in the US today. This shows noise safety steps when you can’t reduce the noise through engineering. The current Standard specifies laboratory-based procedures for analyzing, measuring, as well as reporting the passive noise-reducing capabilities.
  • Canadian Hearing Protection Standard: This is the CSA Z94.2. It meshes more closely with US approaches. And, sure it will become the new standard for due diligence when it comes to choosing and using hearing protection in Canada. This standard includes 2 criteria: Comfort and attenuation.

Quality of Product

Nowadays, there are a lot of products of hearing protection devices. But, it’s important to pay attention to the quality. In fact, there are 2 elements you need to concern: adequate protection and communication safety. There is no size that fits all hearing protection. Each of them comes with a specific shape, size, and depth.

That’s why you need to look for the most effective and comfortable one. In order to determine the proper adequacy of the unit, you need to understand the fitting process.  You have to take about 10 minutes for the fitting process.

Customer and After Service

It’s essential to speak with someone to answer all your questions. This is really important for the HPD buying experience. In addition, you also need to understand some other things as their Corporate Values, the process to handle Product Replacements, and so on.

Comfort & Wear

It’s best to find one for guarantees for Fit and Comfort. The dB Blocker custom HPD’s ensures to be comfortable for the wearer’s experience. The product you choose should have the FIT Warranty for the individual. In fact, it can reduce any type of workplace harm.

Warranty & Product Guarantee

Actually, it’s a meaningful investment for our employee’s health and safety when it comes to buying HPD’s. So, it’s important to receive the customer service for your investment. There are some things to consider, including the product warranted. Normally, they come with a 1-3 year material warranty from the date of manufacture.

Ways to prevent hearing loss

Avoid loud noises

You need to avoid noise-induced hearing loss by avoiding loud noise as much as you can. In fact, a noise that can be able to damage your hearing if you just can hear from others around when raising your voice. Or, when it’s hard to hear what others are saying, and you feel it hurt your ears. You can determine your noise levels thanks to the decibels. The fact is that you can get harm because of any sound over 85dB. It’s easy to get smartphone apps that help to measure noise levels.

Take care when listening to music

Your ears can become bad because of listening to loud music from headphones or earphones. They are dangerous to your ears. Instead, you should use noise-canceling earphones. At the same time, just turn the volume enough loud to hear your music comfortably. It’s a mistake if you usually use your earphones for more than an hour at once. It’s best to take at least 5-minute break. For a big difference, you just need to turn down the volume a bit.

Protect your ears from loud events and activities

It’s important to protect your ears when taking part in loud activities and events as the sport even or an even at a nightclub. Also, don’t be exposed to sources of loud noises like loudspeakers. It’s essential to take a break after every 15 minutes of the noise.

Take precautions at work

If you have to be exposed to loud noises during your work, you should talk to your human resources (HR) department. We recommend you to change to quieter equipment if possible. You shouldn’t be exposed to loud noises for a long period of time. In addition, consider using ear muffs or earplugs for hearing protection. Never forget your hearing protection.

Get your hearing tested

In order to avoid hearing loss, it’s important to get a hearing test as soon as possible, otherwise, you can face losing your hearing. You should also consider getting check regularly if possible. It’s best to do it at least once a year. This is really important for those who may get the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. For instance, you have to work in noisy environments like a musician.

Essential Oils for Getting Better Sleep

For those who have insomnia, you are tired and feel uncomfortable because you cannot get enough sleep. Even if you do not have this disorder, you sometimes do not have tight sleep at night.

Well, this is the time to find a solution to treat it as quickly as you can. Some will take medicine while others do not do anything to fill up the issue. If I were you, then I would select a natural remedy; especially an essential oil to solve this problem.

woman sleep

Negative impacts when you lack sleep

Get ill all the time

Are you aware that sleep and your immune system are inevitably tied together? Your immune system suffers some bad influences when you go for not long enough without getting sleep.

It is so difficult for your body to repel a common cold as well. In other words, a weak immune system can lead to many serious health conditions.

Reduce mental impairment

To think well and solve many problems in your life, you need to get a good sleep. Without enough sleep, your brain runs on negative mode and you may forget important details and you also get trouble with the simplest of mind tasks like draw attention while talking. Also, researchers have found that even if you skip one night, you probably have serious performance.

Gain weight easily

Do not surprise that you eat the right time with less meal and do exercise on a regular basis, but you still have overweight because you do not have tight sleep as well.

A lack of sleep enables to contribute to a slow metabolism and boost weight gain at the same time. According to a recent study indicated that those who slept less than 5 hours on average during 3 years had more weight and become obese than who slept 7 or 8 hours.

Tips to get a better sleep that you should come across

Make an alarm for bedtime

It sounds weird but this method will help you get a better sleep because you create new and good habit when talking about your sleep. So, try to set an alarm for 1 hour before you would like to go to bed. This will remind you it is the time to finish your day and start lying down.

Do not dehydrate your body

When you are sleeping, your body still is working. In other words, all cells in your body still continue its jobs. So, they need to have liquid to make a smooth moved between each cell.

If not, they may get stuff and one of your body organs are tired in the next day. Drink a glass of water with a type of essential oil before sleeping is not a bad idea.

Massage your face slowly before sleeping

Do you know that there are several muscles in your face? Obviously, there are many small muscles under your skin in this position to become great bridges for your moving.

When massage your face, you will make a smooth circulation and your mind feel relax at all to get into sleep.

Make a to-do list or note for tomorrow

Many people do not do that because they think that it is necessary for them. They can do it on the tomorrow morning.

However, when you create your list before sleeping, you will know that what things you would solve and make a frame solution to deal with. If not, you have to think these during your sleep time and you surely cannot get into sleep.

Use essential oils on a regular basis

Most essential oils have some relaxing components to get good influence on our mind like Lavender and Bergamot. These can be diffused into your private space and create a peaceful condition. Therefore, they enable to make relaxation time greatly before getting a good night’s sleep.

Some popular essential oils to get a better night’s sleep

Lavender oil

Lavender is a well-known essential oil for us because lavender has many useful elements to our health condition. You can use lavender oil in your own way, but I/we recommend you most effective methods such as bath salts, sleep masks, massage oils, additional candles, etc.

Cedar-wood oil

Cedar-wood is a powerful anti-inflammatory; it is calming, comforting, and relaxing for everyone. It is lukewarm enough to make you feel like you are enjoying a cup of tea with a favorite book.

You can use cedar-wood oil as a diffuser essential oil and inhale it whenever you want to; especially you should use it before settling your bedtime. Additionally, you are able to drop it in your wrists, neck, and head area.

Valerian oil

Valerian oil ought to support you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for long hours. You can use the oil under your feet or in your wrists as it has a calming and grounding influence at all.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil gives feelings of relaxation and other great health benefits at once such as decreasing chronic stress, anxiety, pain, swelling, etc. It also improves your immune system that you do not recognize in advance.

What’s more, it is considered as a cancer treatment and the frankincense oil enable to make a balanced mood when walking.

Orange oil

If you have anxiety and you cannot get to sleep all nights, then you use orange essential oil to decrease your anxiety.

Orange oil or other citrus oils have good elements to treat depression quite well. Please keep in mind that orange oil ought to cause photosensitivity when utilized to light over 12 hours.

It is the greatest choice to use it at night when you want to put oil on your skin. You can try orange oil as a soothing skin cream or use it as diffuser oil depending on your condition.

Orange oil

Bottom line

To get into sleep, apply these methods as I/We showed in the earlier. Also, using an essential oil is an incredible recommendation for treating insomnia, anxiety and other bad mental health as well. Start using it today!

How to Get Rid of Tear Stains On Maltese Naturally

You can see tear staining in the fur around dogs’ eyes. In order to avoid tear staining, you first have to correct any underlying health problems. The most important thing you need to do is keeping your dog’s face stain-free. Keep reading this post to learn about this problem.

Determine and Treat Underlying Problems

Lear about tear stains

Tears have a chemical called porphyrin that can cause an eventual color stain to a dog’s fur. That’s why you have to take times for the porphyrin to stain fur. But, it’s important to understand the reason your dog’s eyes tear. And, you need to consult your vet to determine a cause.

Examine your dog’s tear ducts

In order to flush away dust and debris, his eye creates tears to moisten his eye’s surface. Then, they work as a plug hole in a sink. If dirt or debris get his eyes, it’s time to ask your vet to remove it. And, your vet also can help him when he suffers from ulcers and permanent damage to the eyes.

Use a saline flush for narrow ducts

Your dog may be born with narrow ducts. By this, your vet can rule out more serious causes. It’s common in some breeds such as Bichon Frise, Poodles, and Chihuahuas. But, it’s normally hard to open up naturally narrow ducts. Sometimes, your vet can use a saline flush in order to stretch the duct.

Wipe bulbous eyes each couples of hours

Pekingese, as well as pugs, have  large and round eyes. These eyes contain more water because of their larger surface area. And,  Bulbous eyes can be able to push the eyelid forward and out. So, it’s essential to wipe their tears often. It’s easy to find pads from a pet store. They help to safely clean the area under your dog’s eyes. It’s best to do this every couple of hours.

Eliminate all factors causing eye irritation

Once your dog’s eyes are irritated, they will create tears to flush the irritation away. Irritants include cigarette smoke, allergies, deodorants, perfumes, or spray air fresheners. You should stop exposing your dog to them. It’s time to take him to your vet once he suffers from allergies.

Keep the eyes clear of hair

Your dog’s fur may get into his eyes, especially if he has a long coat. So, your dog may suffer from irritation that causes tearing. Protect your dog’s eye from hanging fur.

Decrease the Marks left by Tear Overflow

Tear staining can’t harm your dog

You may be unsettled by the sight of your dog’s rusty fur. But, your dog will just suffer from the tearing. In fact, tearing is sometimes a natural part of his anatomy. That’s why you need to decide whether you need to treat the problem or not.

Wipe the eyes often

The essential thing you should bring with you is some clean cotton swabs. They allow you to wipe your dog’s eyes once they glisten in the corner of his eyes. It will be hard to wipe them if you let them dry and get crusty. Normally, it’s easy to remove them with your fingers. But, if you let them dry, it’s more difficult to clear away. To deal with this, you need to soak a cotton swab with the cooled boiled water until it softens. Next, you can remove it from your fingers easily.

Use stain removing products carefully

There are a lot of grooming product you can use to remove tear staining. But, don’t use them before your vet check him to find out the treatments. In addition, be careful when reading labels before applying the product to your dog’s face. However, there are also many products with ingredients that may irritate your dog’s eyes. More importantly, check with your vet for advice on how to prevent worsening the problem. Last, it’s wrong to use peroxide because it’s very dangerous. So, you should avoid them.


You shouldn’t unblock a clogged tear duct in your home. To do this, you need to visit your vet. She will give you special instruments to perform them. As a result, your dog will feel comfortable during the process.

Many pet owners choose to add an antacid to your dog due to the calcium content. But, they include other ingredients that are not good for him. Moreover, they can be able to prevent your dog from getting more acid environment. It’s best to consult your vet first before administering the treatment.


Many people think that using antibiotics to dogs can help to reduce excessive tearing. But, you just should use them with a small amount. And, you just use them as a preventative measure. In fact, you shouldn’t give your dog antibiotics if they are for dogs under a certain age. Most importantly, you have to learn about the product for its ingredients before using them.

Longest Living Dog Breeds Of The World

When you buy a pet dog, you could estimate its average life of about 10 to 14 years. This is generally the life span up to which most of the dogs continue their services for the master.

In contrast to this, An Australian dog named Maggie who died in April, 2016, was supposed to have lived a life of 30 years. She was of the breed Australian Kelpie and was born in the year 1986.

Another dog named Bluey (breed: Australian Cattle Dog) from the same country lived for more than 29 years. It was born in the year 1910 and continued its life up to 1939.

From these and many more of the evidences, it could be devised that the love and care from a master could enhance the life span of a dog considerably. Naturally, there are some breeds of dogs that have a longer life span than the others. The dogs with the longest life period are mentioned as follows:


These are one among the smallest breeds and yet they are one of the longest living dogs in the world. These dogs primarily have a brownish tint on their entire body while some Chihuahuas are found in black, white and grey colors as well.

These dogs could easily have a life span of almost 15 to 17 years and if given all the suitable conditions, they could continue as your family up till 20 years.

Yorkshire Terrier:

Popularly known as Yorkies, these are among one of the most famous rearing dogs. Occurring in all sorts of colors such as black, brown, white, grey and multicolored, these dogs are known to be bold and confident in their attitude.

Yorkshire Terriers are also a bit lesser in their height but could easily attain a living period of about 17 to 20 years. If you are in requirement of a long-living dog, maybe Yorkies could serve your purpose truly well.


Pomeranian is another small breed of dog that could attain a maximum height of about 20 cms. You could certainly mistake a Pomeranian pup for a ball of wool as these have a furry kind of appearance. Also, they could occur in various colors such as white, black, grey, brown and orange but the most common are the white ones

With all the enchanting appearance, Pomeranians could well live up to 16 years if provided proper care. This means your favorite dog breed would also have a long and memorable life with you.


Do not go towards its small size as Dachshund is the breed of dog that has a long life of over 15 years. Dachshunds have short legs, long body and belong to the hound category of dogs. In addition to its age, a Dachshund named ‘Channel’ lived for almost 21 years.

These could occur in variety of colors such as Black, Brown, Tan, Chocolate-Brown, Blue, Cream and in a combination of these colors. Dachshunds could have an average weight of about 10 kilograms when mature and are said to be quite playful in their behavior.

Toy Poodle:

Do you play with toys? Probably not in this age. But here a dog that has derived its appearance from a soft, stuffed toy (it could be other way round too). Its name is Toy Poodle and is ranked one among the longest living dogs in the world. The life span of Toy Poodles is estimated to be 12 to 15 years, though a Toy Poodle named ‘Seamus’ lived a little longer than 20 years.

These dogs mostly occur in shades of brown while you could also view white, grey, black and tanned Toy Poodles.


If you are a dog lover and a Maltese passes by, you cannot resist touching it as these are one among the favorites in the group of rearing dogs. Owing its origination to the Mediterranean Island of Malta, these dogs are highly gentle and docile in their behavior.

While they possess a serene white color on their entire body, you could scarcely spot a spotted or a brownish Maltese. These dogs too have a longer life span of about 15 years. Their body-height could also vary from 20 to 25 cm.

Lhasa Apso:

This is one of the non-sporting dogs that have its origination from Tibetan regions. Earlier used for the holy causes, these dogs were kept in the Buddhist Monasteries to get the monks alert of any intruder.

Lhasa Apsos are highly playful, energetic and devoted dogs that occur in various colors ranging from black, brown, white and tanned etc. They could attain a maximum height of about 30 cms and a weight of almost 8 kgs. Their furry appearance lures the pet lovers and it is one among the top reared dogs in the world

These dogs also possess a life span of about 12 to 15 years.


Pug is one among the short breeds of dogs, whose mere eyes are capable of enchanting the dog lovers. It has a short face, curled tail and a glossy body which mostly occurs in brownish shades.

Pugs are charming and playful sort of dogs that owe their origination to China. They could grow up to a maximum height of about 30 cms. These dogs also have a long living period of about 12 to 15 years and there are evidences of pugs that have lived longer.


Considered as one of the best pets for the children, Beagles are the small-sized hounds that are highly energetic and playful. They could easily attain a height ranging from 30 to 38 cms and occur in colors such as Brown, White, Orange, and chocolate etc, but tricolored Beagles are one of the commonly occurring dog breeds.

Due to its active lifestyle, Beagles have the capability to live for about 15 years, though a Beagle named ‘Butch’ continued its life for 27 years. This dog passed away in 2003.

Miniature Schnauzer:

Miniature Schnauzer is the diminutive form of giant Schnauzer that is capable of attaining a height of a horse. In contrast to this, Miniature Schnauzer could have a maximum height of about 35 cms. They occur in black, white, grey or mixed sort of colors and are highly alert in their behavior.

Miniature Schnauzer originates from Germany and could have an excellent life period of about 15 years. It could also attain a maximum weight of about 10 kgs.

Jack Russell Terrier:

Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog that originates from England. It is basically a white bodied and smooth dog that occurs in spotted appearances. It is highly known for its athleticism, energy and fearless attitude.

Jack Russell Terriers could have a living period, as long as 16 years. They also possess a natural ability to attain a maximum height of about 40 cms.

Shih Tzu:

Also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, Shih Tzu is one among the small breeds of dogs. In contrast to its size, Shih Tzu breed dogs could easily live up to 16 years.

These are highly playful and gentle breed of dogs that occur in various colors such as black, gold, white, dark brown, brindle, light brown and in a combination of any of the two aforementioned colors. Their maximum height is limited to about 28 cms when they become fully mature.

New Guinea Singing Dog:

You would probably not have heard the name of such a breed of dog but it does exist. It is though not a breed that could recite hymns for you and it has received the nomenclature due to its unique kind of vocalization.

New Guinea singing dogs are believed to be wild species of dogs and they could easily obtain a height of about 45 cm. also, they have an average life span of about 18 years which is high in terms of dogs. Believed to be one of the most primitive occurring dogs, New Guinea singing dogs are very gentle and submissive towards humans.

List of dogs that attained an age of more than 20 years:

Name Of The Dog Age Breed Country Of Death
Adjutant 27 yrs, 98 days Labrador Retriever Australia
Bluey 29 yrs, 160 days Australian Cattle Australia
Bramble 27 yrs, 211 days Border Collie United Kingdom
Buksi 26 yrs Mutt Hungary
Buster 20 yrs, 5 days Jack Russell terrier USA
Butch 28 yrs Beagle USA
Taffy 27 yrs, 317 days Welsh Collie United Kingdom
Adjutant 27 yrs, 98 days Labrador Retriever United Kingdom
Pusuke 26 yrs, 248 days Shiba Inu mix Japan
Sugar 24 yrs, 360 days N/A USA
Piccolo 23 yrs, 86 days Mutt Italy
Kathy T. Dog 22 yrs, 29 days Mutt USA
Mister 21 yrs, 332 days Shepherd mix USA

Thus it could be proved by this that age is just a number for even animals and if they receive proper love and attention, dogs too could have a long overall life.

The nature has blessed some breeds of the dogs with a long living period and you could probably find the best for you among these.

Your Dog’s Nose And The Reasons Why It Becomes Dry

Similar to the human sense organs, the sense organs of your pets too need to function supremely well. In case of dogs, these organs have been blessed with a heavenly bestow, such that they have sensing properties manifolds in comparison to the humans.

Among these, nose of the dog is also a highly developed organ which could sniff scents from many meters away.

For this reason, the nose of the dogs should be utterly clean and this is one of the most important steps in dog grooming. The healthy nose of a dog could have a fluctuation between warm and cool temperatures, but when it becomes more than the stipulated amount, it is surely a matter of concern.

Also, you might find out a little wet area around the nose which is normal in dogs.

Possibilities Of Dry Nose In Your Dog:

There could be several reasons due to which you might find that your dogs experience a dry nose condition. These include:

During Sleeps: While the dog is asleep, the nose has a general tendency to get dried. This is due to the reason that while the dog is awake, it constantly licks its nose to keep it wet.

Upon sleeping, the nasal membrane may not receive the moisture and get dry. But this is generally not of much concern and the nose would turn normal, 10 minutes after your dog is awake.

When Close To A Heating Object:

During the cold months, the dogs could find themselves comfortable with the heat emitting objects, which could also result in drying of the nose of your pets. These are also generally not of much concern as when the cold temperature again hits the organ, it could return back to its normal state.

Problem with the dry nose arises when this leads to the cracking effects on the organ. You could use an ointment such as petroleum jelly to relieve the dog from a cracked, hurting nose.

Allergic Reactions:

Your dogs could have many kinds of allergic reactions in the body which hamper the functioning of its respiratory tract and as a result, their nose becomes dry. These allergies and infections are not generally in the pet-owner’s control and therefore, they require a meticulous vet treatment.

A few medical prescriptions with effective grooming of dog’s nose could help to relieve the problems related to nasal allergies.

Irritant Plastic Food And Water Bowls:

The food and water bowl that is used for the pets could contain some offending elements that cause an increase in the dryness of your dog’s nose. For this reason, always buy products that are marked by some genuine industry.

If your pet has some nose irritations due to these, consult a vet to find out the needful.

Sunburns And Lack Of Adequate Water:

Solar rays could also contribute to the dryness and burns on your dog’s nose. Be careful that your pet is not in direct contact with the sunlight, especially in the sultry conditions. Also be vigilant to feed the dog with plenty of water so that the nose remains hydrated with it.

Nose dryness and irritations, if recognized early could get cured in very less time.  But if these turn out to be nasty, they could influence the functioning of respiratory tract which is very critical.

Haircuts for Dogs with Long Hair

Grooming is essential for maintaining optimal health and well being of your pet. While there are many professional grooming centre operational today, grooming can also be done at home. For busy pet parents unable to spend much time with their dog, professional grooming is the better option.

While professional grooming might serve the purpose of pet parents with not much time to spare, grooming at home is for those who are budget-conscious. With a plethora of websites available offering a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, combs and brushes; selecting the most appropriate grooming essentials for your pet has perhaps never been so easy. Just click away, and get the products delivered right to your doorstep within a couple of days.

Grooming a Long-Haired Dog

Regular grooming is very important for all breeds. While dogs with short hair can be groomed once every week, dogs that have longer hair have to be usually groomed on an almost daily basis. Long haired dogs are more prone to matting and developing tangles. Also, as dirt and debris get trapped in their long hair, such dogs get dirtier much sooner as compared to their shorter haired companions. These debris and dirt particles can eventually lead to various infections and irritations, also causing an allergic reaction as well.

Among the most common long-haired dogs are:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Afghan Hound
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Shih Tzu
  • Maltese

While there are many other long haired dogs as well, the above-mentioned are comparatively more popular.

Executing the Perfect Haircut

When you decide to clip your dog’s hair, there are many things to keep in mind:

  1. Take due note of your reason for clipping – that is, whether the clipping is for summer or for styling – proceed accordingly. Most veterinarians are of the opinion that the coat of long haired dogs be left as it is in the summer months. Clipping hair too short might expose the skin to the natural elements. Long hair is said to provide insulation against the heat of the summer as well.
  2. Choose the right clippers or scissors. Understanding the difference between clippers and scissors is important here. Clippers are electronically operated and come equipped with the option of fitting different blades as per your dog’s specific requirements. Scissors, on the other hand, are non-electric and are just a pair of the conventional scissors that we use at home. While clippers are a better option for do-it-yourself grooming, scissors are handy when trimming delicate regions like around the muzzle and eyes.
  3. Select the most appropriate clippers as per your dog’s breed. Often, the box itself contains a list of the dog breeds that the clippers are ideal for.
  4. The blade for the clippers should be selected depending upon how long you wish to keep your dog’s hair. Remember, the lower the number of the blade, the longer hair you end up with. For example, while a Number 5 blade is used for leaving behind a quarter of the existing hair length, a Number 30 blade is used to leave behind 1/100 of the existing hair length. For pet parents wishing to achieve a summer look for their dogs, the ideal blade would be a Number 10. However, in case you have a long haired dog and you do not wish to clip off too much hair, a Number 5 or a Number 7 blade might be a better option.
  5. Clip excess hair from the paws and feet. For long haired dogs, clipping hair around the paws and feet is necessary so that they do not slip on hardboard floors.
  6. Remove excess hair from the tail. Too much hair here can lead to fecal matter getting trapped and causing infections later on.
  7. The muzzle and the area around the eyes should be clipped carefully, taking into account any sudden head movements of the dog.

While clipping your dog’s hair, leave behind at least half-an-inch of hair. Clipping too close to the skin is not advisable.

Popular Cuts

For long haired dogs, there are different cuts that are preferred for the summers. These include:

Puppy Cut.

A popular cut for the hot days, Puppy Cut is clipping the hair all over the body. This is a low maintenance cut as it greatly reduced the need for daily brushing regimens.


The Practical Top-Knot.

Another popular haircut for dogs with long hair, the Top-Knot is achieved by gathering some of the hair on the head and securing with a clip or band, making a ponytail of sorts. Hair on the rest of the body can be cut to a uniform length.

The Top-Knot for Show Cut.

This is probably the highest maintenance cut that there can be for long haired dogs. In this cut, the hair is tied at the top, and left to grow long all over the body. While good to look at, a dog sporting this haircut needs to be brushed down up to many times a day.

For pet parents of dogs with long hair – such as the Lhasa Apso, Afghan Hound, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier – there are many different kinds of haircuts available to select from. The choice in this regard is mainly between practicality on one hand and style on the other.

Do Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming?

Dogs are probably the most popular choice when it comes to keeping a pet at home. In addition to regular health check-ups and proper diet, dogs also require regular grooming. A well-groomed dog generally has better health and emotional status as compared to a dog that is groomed sporadically. Grooming, as a one-on-one session between the care giver and the dog, helps to spot potential issues and existing problems well in time. Timely action often prevents the problem from blowing up in future. Many a dog’s lives have been saved by prompt action taken on health and hygiene issues that were spotted during a grooming session.

When it comes to difference between the grooming requirements of the different dog breeds, it is generally seen that longer-haired dogs require greater amount of grooming as compared to their short-haired counterparts. As longer-haired dogs are more prone to developing tangles, with dirt getting easily trapped in their long hair, such dogs require grooming on almost a daily basis. Daily brushing routines – usually with a slicker brush – is quite commonplace for pet parents with long-haired dogs. Longer-haired dogs also require more frequent baths as compared to short-haired dogs.

Short-haired Dogs and Grooming: To Groom or Not to Groom

Regular grooming is advisable for all dogs. There are different procedures that make upa typical grooming session. Grooming involves – bathing, brushing, cleaning of teeth, checking of eyes, haircut, trimming of hair on legs and paws, along with cleaning the area in and around the ears. A haircut forms an integral part of a grooming session. A haircut can be either a simple trim, or a more extensive cutting of hair.

Many pet parents of short-haired dogs are faced with the dilemma of whether their dogs require haircuts or can be left as they are. A majority of veterinarians suggest leaving short-haired dogs just as they are, simply brushing the coat once a week followed by a cleaning of ears, eyes and nose. Citing the risk of skin infections, veterinarians usually do not favor cutting the hair of short-haired dogs. Clipping the hair too close to the body exposes the dog to the elements, making his skin more prone to developing fungal infections. Nevertheless, many pet parents, either in the name of practicality or style, regularly cut their dog’s hair.

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A haircut for practical reasons greatly reduces the amount of grooming required to maintain the coat. Among the different haircuts preferred for both long-haired as well as short-haired dogs is the Puppy Cut. In this particular cut, hair on the entire body is clipped to a uniform length, usually 1-2 inches in length. While this cut is quite popular among pet parents as the perfect hassle-free cut, there have been certain instances where the hair has not grown back once it was cut short.

To groom or not to groom is ultimately the sole prerogative of the pet parent concerned. While veterinarians might dissuade and a groomer might suggest, it is only the pet parent who can decide.