Things to Consider When Preventing Hearing Loss

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It’s not easy to prevent hearing loss all the time. Actually, it sometimes is considered as a  part of getting older. But, don’t worry! You can completely avoid this problem. This writing is made to give you a look at some simple things to consider when you choose a device for preventing hearing loss. They help to prevent you from permanently damaging your hearing.

hearing loss prevention

5 Things to consider when preventing hearing loss

Standards and Requirements When Choosing HPD’s

  • USA Hearing Protection Standard: The American National Standards Institute is the standard most recognized in the US today. This shows noise safety steps when you can’t reduce the noise through engineering. The current Standard specifies laboratory-based procedures for analyzing, measuring, as well as reporting the passive noise-reducing capabilities.
  • Canadian Hearing Protection Standard: This is the CSA Z94.2. It meshes more closely with US approaches. And, sure it will become the new standard for due diligence when it comes to choosing and using hearing protection in Canada. This standard includes 2 criteria: Comfort and attenuation.

Quality of Product

Nowadays, there are a lot of products of hearing protection devices. But, it’s important to pay attention to the quality. In fact, there are 2 elements you need to concern: adequate protection and communication safety. There is no size that fits all hearing protection. Each of them comes with a specific shape, size, and depth.

That’s why you need to look for the most effective and comfortable one. In order to determine the proper adequacy of the unit, you need to understand the fitting process.  You have to take about 10 minutes for the fitting process.

Customer and After Service

It’s essential to speak with someone to answer all your questions. This is really important for the HPD buying experience. In addition, you also need to understand some other things as their Corporate Values, the process to handle Product Replacements, and so on.

Comfort & Wear

It’s best to find one for guarantees for Fit and Comfort. The dB Blocker custom HPD’s ensures to be comfortable for the wearer’s experience. The product you choose should have the FIT Warranty for the individual. In fact, it can reduce any type of workplace harm.

Warranty & Product Guarantee

Actually, it’s a meaningful investment for our employee’s health and safety when it comes to buying HPD’s. So, it’s important to receive the customer service for your investment. There are some things to consider, including the product warranted. Normally, they come with a 1-3 year material warranty from the date of manufacture.

Ways to prevent hearing loss

Avoid loud noises

You need to avoid noise-induced hearing loss by avoiding loud noise as much as you can. In fact, a noise that can be able to damage your hearing if you just can hear from others around when raising your voice. Or, when it’s hard to hear what others are saying, and you feel it hurt your ears. You can determine your noise levels thanks to the decibels. The fact is that you can get harm because of any sound over 85dB. It’s easy to get smartphone apps that help to measure noise levels.

Take care when listening to music

Your ears can become bad because of listening to loud music from headphones or earphones. They are dangerous to your ears. Instead, you should use noise-canceling earphones. At the same time, just turn the volume enough loud to hear your music comfortably. It’s a mistake if you usually use your earphones for more than an hour at once. It’s best to take at least 5-minute break. For a big difference, you just need to turn down the volume a bit.

Protect your ears from loud events and activities

It’s important to protect your ears when taking part in loud activities and events as the sport even or an even at a nightclub. Also, don’t be exposed to sources of loud noises like loudspeakers. It’s essential to take a break after every 15 minutes of the noise.

Take precautions at work

If you have to be exposed to loud noises during your work, you should talk to your human resources (HR) department. We recommend you to change to quieter equipment if possible. You shouldn’t be exposed to loud noises for a long period of time. In addition, consider using ear muffs or earplugs for hearing protection. Never forget your hearing protection.

Get your hearing tested

In order to avoid hearing loss, it’s important to get a hearing test as soon as possible, otherwise, you can face losing your hearing. You should also consider getting check regularly if possible. It’s best to do it at least once a year. This is really important for those who may get the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. For instance, you have to work in noisy environments like a musician.

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