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Essential Oils for Getting Better Sleep

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For those who have insomnia, you are tired and feel uncomfortable because you cannot get enough sleep. Even if you do not have this disorder, you sometimes do not have tight sleep at night.

Well, this is the time to find a solution to treat it as quickly as you can. Some will take medicine while others do not do anything to fill up the issue. If I were you, then I would select a natural remedy; especially an essential oil to solve this problem.

woman sleep

Negative impacts when you lack sleep

Get ill all the time

Are you aware that sleep and your immune system are inevitably tied together? Your immune system suffers some bad influences when you go for not long enough without getting sleep.

It is so difficult for your body to repel a common cold as well. In other words, a weak immune system can lead to many serious health conditions.

Reduce mental impairment

To think well and solve many problems in your life, you need to get a good sleep. Without enough sleep, your brain runs on negative mode and you may forget important details and you also get trouble with the simplest of mind tasks like draw attention while talking. Also, researchers have found that even if you skip one night, you probably have serious performance.

Gain weight easily

Do not surprise that you eat the right time with less meal and do exercise on a regular basis, but you still have overweight because you do not have tight sleep as well.

A lack of sleep enables to contribute to slow metabolism and boost weight gain at the same time. According to a recent study indicated that those who slept less than 5 hours on average during 3 years had more weight and become obese than who slept 7 or 8 hours.

Tips to get better sleep that you should come across

Make an alarm for bedtime

It sounds weird but this method will help you get better sleep because you create new and good habit when talking about your sleep. So, try to set an alarm for 1 hour before you would like to go to bed. This will remind you it is the time to finish your day and start lying down.

Do not dehydrate your body

When you are sleeping, your body still is working. In other words, all cells in your body still continue its jobs. So, they need to have liquid to make a smooth moved between each cell.

If not, they may get stuff and one of your body organs are tired in the next day. Drink a glass of water with a type of essential oil before sleeping is not a bad idea.

Massage your face slowly before sleeping

Do you know that there are several muscles in your face? Obviously, there are many small muscles under your skin in this position to become great bridges for your moving.

When massage your face, you will make a smooth circulation and your mind feel relax at all to get into sleep.

Make a to-do list or note for tomorrow

Many people do not do that because they think that it is necessary for them. They can do it on the tomorrow morning.

However, when you create your list before sleeping, you will know that what things you would solve and make a frame solution to deal with. If not, you have to think these during your sleep time and you surely cannot get into sleep.

Use essential oils on a regular basis

Most essential oils have some relaxing components to get a good influence on our mind like Lavender and Bergamot. These can be diffused into your private space and create a peaceful condition. Therefore, they enable to make relaxation time greatly before getting a good night’s sleep.

Some popular essential oils to get a better night’s sleep

Lavender oil

Lavender is a well-known essential oil for us because lavender has many useful elements of our health condition. You can use lavender oil in your own way, but I/we recommend you the most effective methods such as bath salts, sleep masks, massage oils, additional candles, etc.

Cedar-wood oil

Cedar-wood is a powerful anti-inflammatory; it is calming, comforting, and relaxing for everyone. It is lukewarm enough to make you feel like you are enjoying a cup of tea with a favorite book.

You can use cedar-wood oil as a diffuser essential oil and inhale it whenever you want to; especially you should use it before settling your bedtime. Additionally, you are able to drop it in your wrists, neck, and head area.

Valerian oil

Valerian oil ought to support you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for long hours. You can use the oil under your feet or in your wrists as it has a calming and grounding influence at all.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil gives feelings of relaxation and other great health benefits at once such as decreasing chronic stress, anxiety, pain, swelling, etc. It also improves the immune system that you do not recognize in advance.

What’s more, it is considered as a cancer treatment and the frankincense oil enable to make a balanced mood when walking.

Orange oil

If you have anxiety and you cannot get to sleep all nights, then you use orange essential oil to decrease your anxiety.

Orange oil or other citrus oils have good elements to treat depression quite well. Please keep in mind that orange oil ought to cause photosensitivity when utilized to light over 12 hours.

It is the greatest choice to use it at night when you want to put oil on your skin. You can try orange oil as a soothing skin cream or use it as diffuser oil depending on your condition.

Orange oil

Bottom line

To get into sleep, apply these methods as I/We showed in the earlier. Also, using an essential oil is an incredible recommendation for treating insomnia, anxiety and other bad mental health as well. Start using it today!

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