How To Choose And Set Up The Right Rat Cage

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Many people choose rats as their pets at home because they are smart, social, and full of quirks. Most importantly, you have to know how to care for them properly. You need to give your rats your tender loving care.

However, the first thing you have to do before taking a rat to your home is to get a comfortable rat cage for him. With the right cage, your rat can achieve a happy and healthy life.

Because of a variety of choices out there, we’re here to let you know how to choose the right rat cage. Also, we will give you a guide on setting up the rat cage.

How to Choose the Right Rat Cage

You have to give your rat comfortable conditions to make him feel happy and safe. Let’s look at below for some important factors you have to consider before making a purchase.

Size of the Cage

As a pet owner, you need to give your small pet a habitat as comfortable as possible. Depending on your pet’s size, you can choose the right side of the cage.

However, the best way is to choose a large cage. In fact, a large cage allows you to add toys and paraphernalia if you want to keep your pet entertained. Moreover, it also allows you to place a hammock, a bean bag, and something like that.

You can also look for a smaller model if you only keep baby rats. However, with a smaller rat cage, you have to remember to transfer your pet after that since they will grow. Therefore, we recommend you to look for a model that can meet your pet’s needs even when your cute pet reaches his mature size.

Ease of Cleaning

Another important feature you need to pay attention to when choosing a rat cage is the cage’s doors. You should choose ones with roomy doors to let you and your pet access with ease. It’s better to choose a rat cage with a full-width door.

Moreover, this feature also allows you to easily clean the cage.

Design of the Cage

You may not know the level of comfort the cage gives your pet depends on its design. It’s important to choose a cage designed with solid flooring. This feature is to keep fleece bedding. You should choose one made of PVC covered metal or heavy-duty plastic. However, your pet may slip his feet because of wire floors.

To protect your pet from hurting, you should go for a model with solid flooring.


Most high-quality rat cages have expensive costs. However, it’s worth the money you pay for a long-lasting product. They are made to withstand the ravages of time. In fact, you can use a high-quality rat cage for many rat generations.

We recommend you to choose a cage made of metal with a PVC coat. These cages can last much longer. If you choose a metal product with plastic components, you have to look for ones made of heavy-duty plastic. Moreover, it’s important to choose rust-resistant metal.


You can’t know exactly when you have to transfer your rat cage from one place to another. It’s best to choose a rat cage with wheels since they will allow you to easily move it around. Moreover, you should choose a cage that is easy to assemble.

How to Set Up The Right Rat Cage

Prepare supplies for your rat cage

Before placing your pet into the cage, you have prepared all the supplies you want to put into it. This step is important since it can help to prevent your pet from being disturbed from its cage. Here are some essential supplies you can put into your rat cage:

  • Dry bedding
  • Food bowl
  • Small water bottle
  • Hammocks
  • Toys

Equip your rat cage with great warm bedding

It’s important to give your rat good bedding. We recommend you to use materials like cloth or paper. Avoid choosing aromatic cedar or pine because they are harmful to your pet. In fact, they may damage your pet’s liver as well as his respiratory system. You can use shredded papers since they are great for your rat.

However, you will have to replace these papers often. Moreover, you can also consider using cloth bedding.

Put a Hammock into the cage

It’s not hard to purchase a hammock, or you can also make it yourself. With a hammock, you can keep your pet warm during the cold weather. You can easily find rat hammocks at many pet stores.

Keep in mind your pet can chew in his hammocks, so it’s best to choose ones that made of materials your pet can’t chew through.

Add a water bottle to the cage

It’s important to do this since your pet needs plenty of water. You need to change the water bottle frequently. You need to secure it to the side of the cage. Otherwise, it may fall. Make sure you always give your rat plenty of water. It’s a good idea to have multiple water bottles.

Fill food bowl before putting it into the cage

You need to keep the food bowl heavy. Otherwise, it may be knocked over by your cat. It’s also a good idea to consider using a mounted food bowl. Also, you have to use 2 different food bowls, one for wet rat foods, and another one for dry rat foods. Besides, don’t forget to remove any perishable food.

Offer your pet plenty of toys

Provide your pet with plenty of toys. You should give him mental stimulation toys. Your rat needs a wheel runner. He should use it. There are some great toys you can give your rats such as mazes, paper balls, or toilet rolls.

Take your pet to his new house

First, you need to let your pet roam around. Also, let him get used to things. Your pet will take a while to feel comfortable. You need to give your rat additional supplies when he gets into the new house. Monitor your pet to see if he needs anything else.


Today, pet rats have become a fun pet for many people. Well, they are normally considered as pets. As a rat owner, you have to give your pet a comfortable rat cage to stay in. Of course, you want your rat to feel safe and comfortable. In this post, we’ve already given you all the important things you need to know when choosing the right rat cage. Also, now you had a guide on how to set up a rat cage. Hopefully, this post is useful to you.

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