How to Get Rid of Tear Stains On Maltese Naturally

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You can see tear staining in the fur around dogs’ eyes. In order to avoid tear staining, you first have to correct any underlying health problems. The most important thing you need to do is keeping your dog’s face stain-free. Keep reading this post to learn about this problem.

Determine and Treat Underlying Problems

Lear about tear stains

Tears have a chemical called porphyrin that can cause an eventual color stain to a dog’s fur. That’s why you have to take times for the porphyrin to stain fur. But, it’s important to understand the reason your dog’s eyes tear. And, you need to consult your vet to determine a cause.

Examine your dog’s tear ducts

In order to flush away dust and debris, his eye creates tears to moisten his eye’s surface. Then, they work as a plug hole in a sink. If dirt or debris get his eyes, it’s time to ask your vet to remove it. And, your vet also can help him when he suffers from ulcers and permanent damage to the eyes.

Use a saline flush for narrow ducts

Your dog may be born with narrow ducts. By this, your vet can rule out more serious causes. It’s common in some breeds such as Bichon Frise, Poodles, and Chihuahuas. But, it’s normally hard to open up naturally narrow ducts. Sometimes, your vet can use a saline flush in order to stretch the duct.

Wipe bulbous eyes each couples of hours

Pekingese, as well as pugs, have  large and round eyes. These eyes contain more water because of their larger surface area. And,  Bulbous eyes can be able to push the eyelid forward and out. So, it’s essential to wipe their tears often. It’s easy to find pads from a pet store. They help to safely clean the area under your dog’s eyes. It’s best to do this every couple of hours.

Eliminate all factors causing eye irritation

Once your dog’s eyes are irritated, they will create tears to flush the irritation away. Irritants include cigarette smoke, allergies, deodorants, perfumes, or spray air fresheners. You should stop exposing your dog to them. It’s time to take him to your vet once he suffers from allergies.

Keep the eyes clear of hair

Your dog’s fur may get into his eyes, especially if he has a long coat. So, your dog may suffer from irritation that causes tearing. Protect your dog’s eye from hanging fur.

Decrease the Marks left by Tear Overflow

Tear staining can’t harm your dog

You may be unsettled by the sight of your dog’s rusty fur. But, your dog will just suffer from the tearing. In fact, tearing is sometimes a natural part of his anatomy. That’s why you need to decide whether you need to treat the problem or not.

Wipe the eyes often

The essential thing you should bring with you is some clean cotton swabs. They allow you to wipe your dog’s eyes once they glisten in the corner of his eyes. It will be hard to wipe them if you let them dry and get crusty. Normally, it’s easy to remove them with your fingers. But, if you let them dry, it’s more difficult to clear away. To deal with this, you need to soak a cotton swab with the cooled boiled water until it softens. Next, you can remove it from your fingers easily.

Use stain removing products carefully

There are a lot of grooming product you can use to remove tear staining. But, don’t use them before your vet check him to find out the treatments. In addition, be careful when reading labels before applying the product to your dog’s face. However, there are also many products with ingredients that may irritate your dog’s eyes. More importantly, check with your vet for advice on how to prevent worsening the problem. Last, it’s wrong to use peroxide because it’s very dangerous. So, you should avoid them.


You shouldn’t unblock a clogged tear duct in your home. To do this, you need to visit your vet. She will give you special instruments to perform them. As a result, your dog will feel comfortable during the process.

Many pet owners choose to add an antacid to your dog due to the calcium content. But, they include other ingredients that are not good for him. Moreover, they can be able to prevent your dog from getting more acid environment. It’s best to consult your vet first before administering the treatment.


Many people think that using antibiotics to dogs can help to reduce excessive tearing. But, you just should use them with a small amount. And, you just use them as a preventative measure. In fact, you shouldn’t give your dog antibiotics if they are for dogs under a certain age. Most importantly, you have to learn about the product for its ingredients before using them.