How to Remove Pet Hair from Car

How to Remove Pet Hair from Car

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As a pet owner, you have to transport periodically your pet in your vehicle. And, your pet may leave behind a layer of hair. You may get a major nuisance because of pet hair attached to the seats of your car.

If you want to get rid of pet hair from your car, you need a liquid solution, lint brushes, tape, or static electricity to pick up the hair.

Moreover, there are also a few preventive measures you can try in order to reduce the amount of hair your pet leaves in your vehicle. Keep reading this article, we will let you know how to remove pet hair from your car.

Use Static Electricity

Make a water and fabric softener solution

You can use 100% water or make a solution including equal parts fabric softener and water. Actually, fabric softener will loosen the hair. Then, you can easily clean the pet hair from your car.

Wet the area with the solution

Once you had the solution, you have to get the carpeting in your car. In order to do this, you need to wear a pair of rubber gloves. Then, dip your fingertips into the solution.

If you want, you can also fill a small spray bottle with this solution. Then, you just need simply to spray on the desired area.

Use your gloved hand to rub the seats

It’s best to brush your hand along the expected areas when wearing a rubber glove. You should collect the hair on your gloves.

Remember to keep your fingertips wet if you dip your gloved hand into the solution frequently. Also, you can use a pumice stone to collect the hair to scrub the area.

Vacuum the loose hair

Once the area has dried, it’s time to vacuum over it to pick up any excess hair. To get the best result, you need to use a vacuum attachment with small rubber bristles.

Use a balloon to remove pet hair

Blowing up a balloon and rub it across the area needed to clean is also a good way to remove pet hair from your car. Actually, the static electricity created from the balloon will attract pet hair. Once the pet hair covers completely the balloon, it’s time to use your hand to pick up the hair and throw it in the garbage.

Create a Sticky Surface

Use a lint brush to remove hair

You can buy a lint brush from your local drug store. You just need to remove the protective layer. Then, you can use it to remove pet hair by rolling the brush along the needed area of your car. The lint brush will collect pet hair and remove them from your car.

Gather hair with tape

You can use a piece of duct tape and wrap it around your hand. Remember to let the sticky side face outwards. Then, pat the areas you need to clean. It will be covered with your pet hair.

Replace the tape periodically

It’s important to check the tape periodically. Make sure it is still able to collect hair. Once the pet hair covers completely the piece of tape, it loses the adhesiveness. When this occurs, you need to discard that piece of tape. Then, continue with a new piece of tape.

Prevent Pet Hair in Your Car

Brush your pet before each car ride

If you want to prevent your pet hair from getting all over your vehicle, you need to brush your furry friend thoroughly before your ride.

This purposes to eliminate any loose hairs from your animal. This way can also reduce the amount of hair your pet leaves behind.

Depending on the type of your pet, you need to brush your pet hair frequently in order to manage to shed.

Cover your seats with a blanket

If you want to decrease the amount of hair, you can put a blanket or towel on the seats of your car. Also, you need to remove the blanket from the car in order to wash it since it can be covered in pet hair.

Crate your pet in the car

It’s a good idea to keep your furry friend in their crate while you are in the car. This way is safe for both you and animals. Also, this can help to decrease the amount of pet hair in your vehicle.

Your pet crate can be placed on the floors or a seat using a seatbelt as long as it won’t roll around while you are driving.


If you have a pet, pet hair in your car may be an issue. You can see pet hair in the upholstery of the seats, every nook, the floor, as well as cranny of the car.

Sure, they will leave you wondering. Banning your pet from the car is not a good solution. Hopefully, our methods above can help you know how to remove and keep your car’s interior free of pet hair.


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