Longest Living Dog Breeds Of The World

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When you buy a pet dog, you could estimate its average life of about 10 to 14 years. This is generally the life span up to which most of the dogs continue their services for the master.

In contrast to this, An Australian dog named Maggie who died in April, 2016, was supposed to have lived a life of 30 years. She was of the breed Australian Kelpie and was born in the year 1986.

Another dog named Bluey (breed: Australian Cattle Dog) from the same country lived for more than 29 years. It was born in the year 1910 and continued its life up to 1939.

From these and many more of the evidences, it could be devised that the love and care from a master could enhance the life span of a dog considerably. Naturally, there are some breeds of dogs that have a longer life span than the others. The dogs with the longest life period are mentioned as follows:


These are one among the smallest breeds and yet they are one of the longest living dogs in the world. These dogs primarily have a brownish tint on their entire body while some Chihuahuas are found in black, white and grey colors as well.

These dogs could easily have a life span of almost 15 to 17 years and if given all the suitable conditions, they could continue as your family up till 20 years.

Yorkshire Terrier:

Popularly known as Yorkies, these are among one of the most famous rearing dogs. Occurring in all sorts of colors such as black, brown, white, grey and multicolored, these dogs are known to be bold and confident in their attitude.

Yorkshire Terriers are also a bit lesser in their height but could easily attain a living period of about 17 to 20 years. If you are in requirement of a long-living dog, maybe Yorkies could serve your purpose truly well.


Pomeranian is another small breed of dog that could attain a maximum height of about 20 cms. You could certainly mistake a Pomeranian pup for a ball of wool as these have a furry kind of appearance. Also, they could occur in various colors such as white, black, grey, brown and orange but the most common are the white ones

With all the enchanting appearance, Pomeranians could well live up to 16 years if provided proper care. This means your favorite dog breed would also have a long and memorable life with you.


Do not go towards its small size as Dachshund is the breed of dog that has a long life of over 15 years. Dachshunds have short legs, long body and belong to the hound category of dogs. In addition to its age, a Dachshund named ‘Channel’ lived for almost 21 years.

These could occur in variety of colors such as Black, Brown, Tan, Chocolate-Brown, Blue, Cream and in a combination of these colors. Dachshunds could have an average weight of about 10 kilograms when mature and are said to be quite playful in their behavior.

Toy Poodle:

Do you play with toys? Probably not in this age. But here a dog that has derived its appearance from a soft, stuffed toy (it could be other way round too). Its name is Toy Poodle and is ranked one among the longest living dogs in the world. The life span of Toy Poodles is estimated to be 12 to 15 years, though a Toy Poodle named ‘Seamus’ lived a little longer than 20 years.

These dogs mostly occur in shades of brown while you could also view white, grey, black and tanned Toy Poodles.


If you are a dog lover and a Maltese passes by, you cannot resist touching it as these are one among the favorites in the group of rearing dogs. Owing its origination to the Mediterranean Island of Malta, these dogs are highly gentle and docile in their behavior.

While they possess a serene white color on their entire body, you could scarcely spot a spotted or a brownish Maltese. These dogs too have a longer life span of about 15 years. Their body-height could also vary from 20 to 25 cm.

Lhasa Apso:

This is one of the non-sporting dogs that have its origination from Tibetan regions. Earlier used for the holy causes, these dogs were kept in the Buddhist Monasteries to get the monks alert of any intruder.

Lhasa Apsos are highly playful, energetic and devoted dogs that occur in various colors ranging from black, brown, white and tanned etc. They could attain a maximum height of about 30 cms and a weight of almost 8 kgs. Their furry appearance lures the pet lovers and it is one among the top reared dogs in the world

These dogs also possess a life span of about 12 to 15 years.


Pug is one among the short breeds of dogs, whose mere eyes are capable of enchanting the dog lovers. It has a short face, curled tail and a glossy body which mostly occurs in brownish shades.

Pugs are charming and playful sort of dogs that owe their origination to China. They could grow up to a maximum height of about 30 cms. These dogs also have a long living period of about 12 to 15 years and there are evidences of pugs that have lived longer.


Considered as one of the best pets for the children, Beagles are the small-sized hounds that are highly energetic and playful. They could easily attain a height ranging from 30 to 38 cms and occur in colors such as Brown, White, Orange, and chocolate etc, but tricolored Beagles are one of the commonly occurring dog breeds.

Due to its active lifestyle, Beagles have the capability to live for about 15 years, though a Beagle named ‘Butch’ continued its life for 27 years. This dog passed away in 2003.

Miniature Schnauzer:

Miniature Schnauzer is the diminutive form of giant Schnauzer that is capable of attaining a height of a horse. In contrast to this, Miniature Schnauzer could have a maximum height of about 35 cms. They occur in black, white, grey or mixed sort of colors and are highly alert in their behavior.

Miniature Schnauzer originates from Germany and could have an excellent life period of about 15 years. It could also attain a maximum weight of about 10 kgs.

Jack Russell Terrier:

Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog that originates from England. It is basically a white bodied and smooth dog that occurs in spotted appearances. It is highly known for its athleticism, energy and fearless attitude.

Jack Russell Terriers could have a living period, as long as 16 years. They also possess a natural ability to attain a maximum height of about 40 cms.

Shih Tzu:

Also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, Shih Tzu is one among the small breeds of dogs. In contrast to its size, Shih Tzu breed dogs could easily live up to 16 years.

These are highly playful and gentle breed of dogs that occur in various colors such as black, gold, white, dark brown, brindle, light brown and in a combination of any of the two aforementioned colors. Their maximum height is limited to about 28 cms when they become fully mature.

New Guinea Singing Dog:

You would probably not have heard the name of such a breed of dog but it does exist. It is though not a breed that could recite hymns for you and it has received the nomenclature due to its unique kind of vocalization.

New Guinea singing dogs are believed to be wild species of dogs and they could easily obtain a height of about 45 cm. also, they have an average life span of about 18 years which is high in terms of dogs. Believed to be one of the most primitive occurring dogs, New Guinea singing dogs are very gentle and submissive towards humans.

List of dogs that attained an age of more than 20 years:

Name Of The DogAgeBreedCountry Of Death
Adjutant27 yrs, 98 daysLabrador RetrieverAustralia
Bluey29 yrs, 160 daysAustralian CattleAustralia
Bramble27 yrs, 211 daysBorder CollieUnited Kingdom
Buksi26 yrsMuttHungary
Buster20 yrs, 5 daysJack Russell terrierUSA
Butch28 yrsBeagleUSA
Taffy27 yrs, 317 daysWelsh CollieUnited Kingdom
Adjutant27 yrs, 98 daysLabrador RetrieverUnited Kingdom
Pusuke26 yrs, 248 daysShiba Inu mixJapan
Sugar24 yrs, 360 daysN/AUSA
Piccolo23 yrs, 86 daysMuttItaly
Kathy T. Dog22 yrs, 29 daysMuttUSA
Mister21 yrs, 332 daysShepherd mixUSA

Thus it could be proved by this that age is just a number for even animals and if they receive proper love and attention, dogs too could have a long overall life.

The nature has blessed some breeds of the dogs with a long living period and you could probably find the best for you among these.