Your Dog’s Nose And The Reasons Why It Becomes Dry

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Similar to the human sense organs, the sense organs of your pets too need to function supremely well. In case of dogs, these organs have been blessed with a heavenly bestow, such that they have sensing properties manifolds in comparison to the humans.

Among these, nose of the dog is also a highly developed organ which could sniff scents from many meters away.

For this reason, the nose of the dogs should be utterly clean and this is one of the most important steps in dog grooming. The healthy nose of a dog could have a fluctuation between warm and cool temperatures, but when it becomes more than the stipulated amount, it is surely a matter of concern.

Also, you might find out a little wet area around the nose which is normal in dogs.

Possibilities Of Dry Nose In Your Dog:

There could be several reasons due to which you might find that your dogs experience a dry nose condition. These include:

During Sleeps: While the dog is asleep, the nose has a general tendency to get dried. This is due to the reason that while the dog is awake, it constantly licks its nose to keep it wet.

Upon sleeping, the nasal membrane may not receive the moisture and get dry. But this is generally not of much concern and the nose would turn normal, 10 minutes after your dog is awake.

When Close To A Heating Object:

During the cold months, the dogs could find themselves comfortable with the heat emitting objects, which could also result in drying of the nose of your pets. These are also generally not of much concern as when the cold temperature again hits the organ, it could return back to its normal state.

Problem with the dry nose arises when this leads to the cracking effects on the organ. You could use an ointment such as petroleum jelly to relieve the dog from a cracked, hurting nose.

Allergic Reactions:

Your dogs could have many kinds of allergic reactions in the body which hamper the functioning of its respiratory tract and as a result, their nose becomes dry. These allergies and infections are not generally in the pet-owner’s control and therefore, they require a meticulous vet treatment.

A few medical prescriptions with effective grooming of dog’s nose could help to relieve the problems related to nasal allergies.

Irritant Plastic Food And Water Bowls:

The food and water bowl that is used for the pets could contain some offending elements that cause an increase in the dryness of your dog’s nose. For this reason, always buy products that are marked by some genuine industry.

If your pet has some nose irritations due to these, consult a vet to find out the needful.

Sunburns And Lack Of Adequate Water:

Solar rays could also contribute to the dryness and burns on your dog’s nose. Be careful that your pet is not in direct contact with the sunlight, especially in the sultry conditions. Also be vigilant to feed the dog with plenty of water so that the nose remains hydrated with it.

Nose dryness and irritations, if recognized early could get cured in very less time.  But if these turn out to be nasty, they could influence the functioning of respiratory tract which is very critical.